The Abstraction Group

Ashley from The Abstraction Group approached me via Twitter in need of a new logo for their performance collective. She described it as thus:

It’s mostly comedy focused content. Currently the line up is a random topic podcast. A podcast about movies. A VR talk show where members of the audience can be a guest. And soon a gaming live stream show I can’t talk much about cause I’m not making it specifically. All of which does have the focus of building up community with a comedic air. And there will also be less comedy focused parts. I’m writing more introspective articles and opinion pieces focusing on more serious topics. And a friend of mine is starting animation and hosts his art on the website.
In short though I would describe it as an lighthearted club house for whichever friends and content creators want to join.

She wanted the logo to be colourful and evoking a fun place to be, which combined with a few visual references gave me a lot to go off.

I chose to incoporate the initial A in the logo, but to use negative space and more imperfect edges to form it, to evoke the feeling of abstraction, the name of the collective. I also opted to use a pointy, geometric font to evoke the digital nature of the platforms they perform on, while also using paint strokes to evoke the traditional performance aspects (for example, they perform Improv Comedy in a VR Space, combining the digital with the traditional). The brush strokes in vastly different colours also represent the different people coming together to form the collective.

I am rather proud of what I created for this client, and I think it is some of my best work in recent months.


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