Pivotal Destinies

Independant game designer Valery North contacted me in need of assets for a new Tabletop Roleplaying Game and System Reference Document. The game is called “Pivotal Destinies”, a high-fantasy game based on the “BInAS System”, a new kind of TTRPG system that relies on balancing separate skills to create a character. Both the system and the Game required logos, and the Game required a Character sheet.

I decided to begin with the System logo, as it was the broadest in scope. It had to be purposefully vague in theming but still capture the theme of “balance”. We combined elements from the Libra symbol and old fashioned Scales, along with a D12 – the main dice used for the system to create a unique and eye-catching glyph that still echoes the balance theme

Then for Pivotal Destinies, a more High Fantasy oriented setting using the same system, I used a crystal encasing a simplified Celtic Tree of Life. Both logos utilise pointy shapes, harkening to the Dagaz Rune and the Buddhist Endless knot, as well as tying them together


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