lvl5_Cerise – Twitch VTuber

Madison approached me to help design logos and overlays for their VTuber persona, Cerise. In their own words:

My whole idea with the v-tuber was that they’re a boss that comes from maybe an older JRPG and somebody you generally face as your first boss, so they lose…A lot. They’re sick and tired of it though, and they’re now playing games as a way to learn what other heroes do so they can counter tactics.

This was an incredibly exciting idea for me and I instantly envisioned a logo that embodied the HUD of an old RPG game, complete with some features from the Vtuber avatar. I ended up using the Horns from Cerise as a frame for the Level indicator, as seen below

Madison was a big fan of this approach, and we were both excited to further play with the old-school RPG imagery in the Overlays. The “Starting Soon” Screen was created to look like a loading screen, complete with a bar that would fill up over the 5 minutes the screen would be live.

The Be Right Back screen was made to look like a pause screen, as seen below, complete with “Party” menu for the Twitch Chat:

Accompanying this was also an Offline screen made to look like end credits, complete with faded image of the main character (Cerise):


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